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Particulate Decay Rates and Agglomeration

Test results show an increase of decay rates, 260% faster, after installing PlasmaGuard PRO™.

Download Full Report Here:

Particulate Decay Rates and Agglomeration
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Test Description: The sample was tested for Particulate (ISO Fine Dust) challenge. Two grams of dust was injected into the room with stirring fan and circulation fan on. After a 5 minute mixing period the stirring fan and circulating fan were turned off followed by a 20 minute test period.Unit was mounted in the duct behind a MERV 8 filter. Duct loop was ran at 600 CFM.

Test Lab Information:

Testing Organization: Blue Heaven Technologies, Inc. Building 1

Laboratory Facility: 994.5 ft3 (28.2m3) Clean Room

Date of Testing: 12/3/2019

Test Operators: Tyler Shoulders CAFS


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