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CE Listing Report

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CE Listing
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Application of Council Directive:

RED Directive: 2014/53/EU

Standards by which conformity has been established:

RED EN 301 489-1:2017 (V2.2.0)

RED EN 301 489-17:2017 (V3.2.0)


IONAER International, LLC

Dba Purifi Labs, LLC

Equipment Description:

Air Purification System

Type / Model No:

PlasmaGuard PRO

Test Results:

The Purifi air purification system was tested according to the directive and standards listed above. The equipment was found to be COMPLIANT with the applicable requirements.

Test Facility:

DNB Engineering INC

5969 Robinson Ave., Riverside, CA 92503-8620

DNB Engineering Job Number:


Facility Manager:

Thomas Elders


12 mar 2021

Declaration of Conformity

Application of Council Directive:


Standards to Which Conformity is Declared:

  • RED EN 301 489-1: 2017 (V2.2.0)

  • RED EN 301 489-17: 2017 (V3.2.0)

  • EN55032 Class B

  • EN61000-3-2

  • EN61000-3-3

  • EN61000-4-2

  • EN61000-4-3

  • EN61000-4-4

  • EN61000-4-5

  • EN61000-4-6

  • EN61000-4-11

Manufacturer's Name:

IONAER International, LLC

Dba Purifi Labs

Manufacturer's Address:

8901 E Pima Center Pkwy, Ste 250 Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Equipment Description:

Air Purification System

Equipment Class:

Class B Household Environment

Model Number:

PlasmaGuard PRO


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